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COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A

Q1. If I receive the new coronavirus vaccine, do I need to take measures to prevent infection?

This vaccine prevents the onset of new coronavirus infection.
Even after receiving this vaccine, basic infection prevention measures (wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, close contact and airtightness, hand washing, cough etiquette, etc.) are required (the effect of preventing infection has not been evaluated).


Q2. What precautions should be taken before and after vaccination?

[Before receiving vaccination]

As a general rule, get the vaccine when you are feeling well.
If you feel unwell or feel unwell, if you have experienced allergic reactions to medicines, if you have food allergies or allergic diseases, if you are nervous about vaccinations, needles or pain. If you have any concerns, be sure to consult your doctor.

[After receiving vaccination]

In rare cases, the strain and pain associated with vaccination can faint (fainting).
After vaccination, take a rest by sitting in a chair with a backrest for a while.
In addition, vaccination can cause severe allergic reactions such as shock and anaphylaxis.
Patients who have experienced allergic reactions to other medicines or who have food allergies or allergic diseases should be carefully observed before vaccination.
After consulting with your doctor, stay in the facility such as the medical institution where you received the vaccination for a while.
You can respond immediately by being in a facility such as a medical institution.
In addition, myocarditis and pericarditis may occur after vaccination.
If you experience any symptoms suspected of myocarditis or pericarditis (chest pain, palpitations, swelling, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, rough breathing, rapid breathing), immediately consult a doctor.


Q3. What should I do if the interval between the 1st and 2nd doses of this vaccine is more than 3 weeks?

Get the second dose as soon as possible.


Q4.I had a serious side reaction after the 1st vaccination, and my doctor told me that it would be difficult to get the same vaccine for the 2nd time. Can I get a second dose of the vaccine?

You may be able to receive a new coronavirus vaccine that is different from the vaccine you received the first time. Please consult with a medical institution regarding the availability of vaccinations and vaccination intervals.
In addition, in Japan, this vaccine is the only vaccine for people aged 5 to 11 years old, so they cannot be vaccinated with a different new coronavirus vaccine for the second time.

Q5. Is it safe for pregnant women (who may be pregnant) to receive this vaccine?

Talk to your doctor and get vaccinated only if the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.


Q6. Is it okay to get this vaccine if I am breastfeeding?

Consult your doctor and only get vaccinated if the benefits of vaccination and the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the risks.


Q7. I have had allergic reactions to other vaccines, medicines, foods, and cosmetics in the past.

Please include as much allergy information as possible in the preliminary examination form and consult your family doctor in advance, or consult a doctor on the day of vaccination.


Q8. How effective are vaccines?

In a clinical trial of this vaccine, this vaccine was administered twice at an interval of 21 days, and the efficacy (preventive effect) of the vaccine was about 91% 7 days after the second vaccination. The median follow-up period (median value) for the population in which this efficacy (preventive effect) was evaluated was 118 days after the second vaccination. In addition, it has been reported that this vaccine is about 96% effective in preventing the aggravation of new coronavirus infections. Clinical trials of this vaccine are ongoing and more information will be available in the future.


Q9. Are there any concerns about vaccine side effects?

Vaccination may cause side effects. If you notice any worrisome symptoms or unusual changes in your physical condition, please contact your doctor immediately. In the unlikely event that vaccination causes health damage, there is a national health damage relief system, so please consult your local government.


Q10. Is it safe to vaccinate at the same time as other vaccines?

Since there is no evaluation data for simultaneous administration of this drug with other vaccines, please vaccinate this drug only.

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