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Clinic introduction

Advice from a naughty teacher

How to take medicine

What kind of ingenuity do you have when you give your baby medicine?

The timing of taking medicine should be before breast milk, formula, or baby food.

You may think, "Oh," but when a baby is full, it is difficult to open his mouth, and if you try to force him to take bitter medicine, he will go to great lengths to drink and eat. Because you may vomit.

Also, regarding the specific way to give the medicine, in the case of powdered medicine, add a few drops of water (white water), make a ball of powder and put it on the back side of the baby's cheek. , give only breast milk or formula. In the case of syrup, have the baby hold only the nipple of the baby bottle, put the syrup in there and give it little by little.


If you are unable to swallow the medicine properly and have taken it out, you may, in principle, take it again within 15 minutes after taking it, but in that case, check with your doctor about the contents of the medicine you are taking. It is recommended to keep

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