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Advice from a naughty teacher

"Berping" and "Farting"

Have you ever thought, "Recently, it's been difficult for my baby to burp" or "Recently, my baby has been farting a lot."

As your baby gains weight, he or she will drink more milk. As a result, the burp, which used to come out as soon as you rub the back, takes a long time to come out from the many breasts.

If you don't burp properly, a lot of air will accumulate in your stomach, which will result in a lot of farts. If this continues for many days, the stomach will swell like a balloon, and the baby will feel sick and grumpy. As a result, even though "fart" comes out, it becomes a state of "constipation" where poop does not come out.

There are various ways to burp your baby, but the most important point is to burp your baby during feeding. In the case of breasts, hold the baby in a vertical position and rub its back from bottom to top every 3 to 5 minutes. At this time, if the baby is crying, it will be easier for him to burp. In the case of milk, please do the same for every 50ml feeding. However, if burping does not go well or if you are constipated, we recommend that you consult a pediatrician.

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