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infant eczema

What do you do when your baby has eczema?

Most of the eczema that occurs in babies is called infantile eczema, which is a pimple-like eczema with a hard, rough surface of the skin. If you have a lot of eczema like this, the barrier on the skin surface will be broken, bacteria will stick to it, and it will be yellow pus and itchy.

Please take care of your baby's skin on a daily basis so that this does not happen. In particular, we recommend that you wash your face with baby soap (low stimulation) instead of just wiping it off. After lathering the soap well and gently stroking the face with the "foam", gently wipe off the foam with gauze that has been moistened with hot water and lightly wrung out. At that time, be careful not to get soap bubbles or hot water from gauze in your eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

I think there are pros and cons to using soap on your face. I believe that it is desirable to "care according to the skin condition", that is, not to use soap when the barrier on the skin surface is broken, but to wash the face with soap while the barrier is maintained.

Finally, I think there are lotions that are not suitable for mothers. As with babies, choose the right soap for each baby.

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