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when you hit your head

when you hit your head

When children begin to sit up or start walking, we often see children who say, "I fell and bumped my head." When you hit your head, various changes can occur in the brain depending on the degree of the impact, so even if you look fine, you should be carefully monitored for 1-2 days after the impact. In particular, if you have any of the following symptoms, we recommend that you visit a hospital that can perform diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and CT scans.

Precautions to take when hitting your head

  1. When you suddenly vomit repeatedly.

  2. When the movements of the limbs are sluggish or numb.

  3. When you are clearly more dazed than usual and doze off.

  4. When there is no reaction to stimulation (for example, does not cry when pinching the buttocks, etc.).

  5. When you have a convulsion.

  6. When the size of the pupil (black eye) is different on the left and right.


Finally, we would like to ask for the cooperation of everyone in the family so that children do not cause unforeseen accidents.

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